A selection of links to Bahá'í web sites
General information and access to online Bahá'í resources

The Bahá'í World - official presence of the Bahá'í Faith on the Web

bahai.com - features information in Persian, Arabic, Spanish, and English
The Bahá'ís
, an HTML format magazine on the Faith (also in Italian, Bulgarian, French, Spanish, and Chinese)

Bahá'í Study Center (bahaistudy.org) - contains a handy glossary, audio/video materials such as mp3 versions of books on tape,
and online courses using Blackboard Course Info.

Bahá'í World News Service - news headlines from the Bahá'í International Community
Bahá'í by Subject
- extensive and also searchable information on theological, historical, and spiritual issues.

A Bahá'í Faith Page - Bahá'í Vision
- many Bahá'í links, and especially nice are the daily prayer and quote
Planet Bahá'í - a broad-based
resource on the Bahá'í Faith including feature articles, a large link library, weekly newsletter, discussion forum, and chat room.

Bahá'í Ring - a community of over 200 Bahá'í web sites, allowing you to browse from one to another in a very unique and refreshing way.
Membership is open to anyone with a Bahá'í-oriented web site.

The Bahá'í Faith Index (bahaindex.com) - up-to-date news, plus a search engine and directory with over 3300 Bahá'í links,
and information in over 40 languages

Planet Bahá'í

Bahá'í Writings Resources
(search engines, study programs, compilations, etc.)
Bahá'í Library - massive searchable collection of Bahá'í texts, articles, bibliographies, translations, etc.

Bahá'í Writings page at bahaindex.com, containing links to versions of texts (such as other languages, or downloadable versions)
Bahá'í Sacred Writings - a selection from the Bahá'í World, the official site of the Bahá'í Faith
for words in the Bahá'í Writings using the True Seeker search engine; a very effective search.
International Bahá'í Library's official web site, from the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa, Israel
Bahá'í Writings index at bahai.com. User-friendly interface with most widely sought-after texts available in either html or unformatted text.

Administrative bodies and communities
Full listing of Bahá'í communities' web sites worldwide

Bahá'í International Community - United Nations Office: Statement Library
One Country - the online newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community
BCCA (Bahá'í Computer and Communication Association) - responsible for many mailing lists and web sites.
Its web site includes introductory Bahá'í information as well as utilities for calculating your direction to the Qiblih, as well as
for determining sunrise and sunset times for the Fast.

The Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom
The Bahá'ís of the United States
The Bahá'ís of Brazil
The Bahá'ís of India
The Bahá'ís of Australia
The Bahá'ís of South Africa
The Bahá'ís of Malaysia
The Bahá'ís of Russia
The Bahá'ís of Italy
The Bahá'ís of France
The Bahá'ís of Canada

Photos on Baha'i Faith page courtesy of the Bahá’í World News Service (BWNS - news.bahai.org)

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