"Understand, O son of man: for at the
time of the end shall be the vision."
― Daniel 8:17 ―


The Bahá’í Faith offers a vibrant and uniquely compelling vision of human purpose and destiny. Speaking directly to our time, this new World Faith challenges the out-dated and divisive patterns of thought and behavior that are clearly evident in continuous conflicts around the globe. It presents a coherent and illuminating strategy for global peace and prosperity. Extolled by many world statesmen and leaders of thought as the most unifying and progressive thinking on the planet today, the Bahá’í Faith is gaining recognition as a powerful force for spiritual and social transformation.


“In ‘Bahá’í: The New Vision's Lisa Janti brings us a book of intelligent foresight. She leads the reader from our world of war, poverty, and despair to a vision that emits the gleam of world peace and unity."  - Wilma Ellis, Ed.D., Former member, Continental Board of Counselors for the Americas.

"There are many ways to learn about the Bahá’í Faith. Lisa Janti provides a simple but excellent introduction to its teachings… A novice will learn a great deal and an advanced student will have his knowledge refreshed by reading this book.”  - Firuz Kazemzadeh, Emeritus Professor of History, Yale University, served as long time member and principle spokesman of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States.

“Over almost half a century Lisa Janti has dazzled audiences with her erudition and insight in hundreds of presentations about the Bahá’í Faith. Dorothy and I have had the pleasure of having Lisa give talks in our own home on many occasions. Now, in her book, Bahá’í: The New Vision, she displays the same captivating combination of sound research and skillful delivery that has made her such a successful communicator of the Bahá’í message. This book is more than just an effective introduction of the Bahá’í Faith to newcomers - although it is such. The information and inspiration contained in this volume are also valuable resources for those, whether Bahá’ís or not, who wish to expand their knowledge of the Faith and their ability to communicate its truths.”  - James Nelson, retired Judge, California Superior Court; former Presiding Judge; Los Angeles Municipal Court; served on the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States for 22 years, 17 as chairman.

“After hearing a talk by Lisa Janti, I immediately got copies of her book ‘Bahá’í: The New Vision’ and have been giving it to my friends, family, and anyone interested in the Bahá’í Faith, with very good response. It is a wonderful book. I recommend it for everyone.”   - Rebecca Li, Former coach, US Olympic gymnastic team; founder and CEO, Rebecca's Body, Mind, and Spirit Center in Beijing, China.

To Bahá’í Writers Group (BWG)
“I have just finished reading a book that I would like to mention, praise and recommend. It is a book that I have purposefully been ignoring--until now--and one which was a delightful surprise. The reason for ignoring it: I thought it was just one more introductory book about the Faith and I couldn't see why the author would take time to write a book that didn't need to be written. The reason for finally reading it: The author is one of our fellow-BWGers as well as a neighbor of mine here at Desert Rose. I reluctantly began reading it. And then it struck me: this is no ordinary introductory book. In fact, it transcends the status of such. I read every page and was enlightened and inspired by the way Lisa Janti has woven quotations from diverse sources with her commentary about the central principles and teachings of the Faith. Suddenly, I had the perfect book to give to a non-Bahá’í newspaper editor, who would not have cared about reading any introductory book about the Faith but who would enjoy reading the chapters and sections of this book. New Bahá’ís, seekers, friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, and long-term Bahá’í all likely would enjoy this very readable book. Oh, and the nine pointed star design of golden peacock feathers on a jet-black background (artist Alhan Irwin) is one of the most stunning covers I've ever seen. So, with honest appreciation to Lisa, I recommend her book: Bahá’í The New Vision." - Joyce Kleikamp, Chairperson, Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Pinal County, AZ.

REVIEW by Special Ideas
"Lisa Janti is an actress and a poet, and her love of the wondrous and the beautiful is reflected in the eloquent way in which she presents the Faith as a new vision that captivates the heart. This is the book to give to artists, writers, poets, and anyone who is as moved by the beauty of the Faith as by its practical application. It includes history, principles, the arts, economic development, even Native American prophecy and more! Just listen to some of these chapter heads: Matter and Spirit . . . Harsh Realities. . . Poverty Haunts the Planet . . . Warnings and Blessings." - Justice St. Rain

REVIEW by Planet Bahá'í
"A number of introductions to the Bahá’í Faith have been published over the years. In English, the best-known are Esselmont’s Bahá’u’lláh and the New Era and Hatcher and Martin’s The Bahá’í Faith: The Emerging Global Religion. Books such as these set forth in straightforward fashion the basic facts about the history, teachings, and organization of the Bahá’í Faith. The newest entry in the category, Bahá’í: The New Vision by Lisa Janti, takes a rather different approach. But then, Janti herself has a different sort of background. Having come as a child to the United States from Poland just before World War II erupted in Europe, she has had a long and varied career. She first worked as an actress under the name Lisa Montell in what she describes as “more really silly movies than any other actress on record” and in numerous television productions. Later, she took on roles as an educator, youth program administrator, and musician. With a talented group of artists she has recently produced several recordings based on the Bahá’í Holy Writings.

Janti not only brings her passion for her religion to her book, she allows it to shine through even though a fair portion of the book is not in her own words. Whereas other introductions to the Faith use quotations from the Bahá’í Holy Writings to illustrate the points being made by the author, Janti has assembled what might loosely be termed a compilation of selections from the Bahá’í Writings, the Scriptures of other religions, and the observations of philosophers, scientists, artists, and poets, all woven together with her own commentary. In addition to the unique approach, Bahá’í: The New Vision also differs in its scope. It does not seek to be a comprehensive introduction. Rather, it focuses on progressive revelation and the station and mission of Bahá’u’lláh, bringing in the central teachings of the religion as they relate to these themes. As a result, it will not substitute for the venerable titles we have usually offered as introductions to the Bahá’í Faith, but it does provide an alternative for those who need something less cut and dried, something more vibrant that unites a broad range of human experience in the context of Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings.

Finally, a note of caution might be in order. I did not find this a book to be read quickly, although due to my schedule I was pretty much forced to do so the first time through. I’m sure I missed a lot as a result. A more leisurely reading would no doubt offer many new insights, even for those of us who have been Bahá’ís for a long time. (Even reading at breakneck speed, I garnered at least one that I might turn into an article at a later date.) When you get your copy, I would urge you to lavish a bit of time on it and ponder the connections between the many threads Janti brings together in each section. She is, after all, an artist. It would be a mistake to approach her work as merely an academic exercise. And although you can't judge a book by its cover, its cover features one of the most beautiful nine-pointed stars I've ever seen."
- Dale E. Lehman (Appeared: 02/17/2006)

Bahá’í: The New Vision is available through the following online Bookstores:
- U.S. Bahá’í Distribution Service (BDS), bahaibookstore.com
- Book Source International (L.A. Bahá’í Center), books.labc.org
- Special Ideas: special-ideas.com
- Amazon: amazon.com

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