Lisa Janti
Born in Warsaw, Poland, Lisa came to the United States with her family just before the outbreak of World War II. She grew up in New York City where she attended the acclaimed high school of Music and Art as an art major and the high school of Performing Arts as a drama major. She went on to study Liberal Arts at college before moving to Lima, Peru where she worked in her first film "Daughter of the Sun God." This led to a ten-year acting career in Hollywood under the stage name of Lisa Montell.

Lisa, now using her married name of "Janti," went on to become Executive Director of the Child Development Centers Head Start Program in Tucson, Arizona and later, a member of the Executive Staff of Los Angeles Mayor, Tom Bradley. During this time, she also served as Chairperson of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Los Angeles, C.A. Some memorable Bahá’í events occurred during this period.

During the 1980's, Lisa continued her graduate studies and was a member of the Adjunct faculty, College of Education, at National University in San Diego, teaching courses in holistic education based on the ANISA model. She also served as a consultant in both the public and private sectors on a variety of educational and governmental projects in San Diego and Los Angeles.

In 1992, Lisa was commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Dept. to develop the "Youth Arts Advocacy Program" for the City of Los Angeles as part of its Master Plan. She was awarded the highest commendation by the city as an outstanding public servant and advocate of the arts. Lisa also served as executive director of U.P. Inc., ("Urban Pride"; "Uniting People") a public benefit/non-profit Arts/Ed Organization founded by the famed media psychiatrist David Viscott, in response to the LA riots of 1992. U. P. was contracted by the City of Los Angeles to develop and administer programs for the community as part of its ARTPARTNERS program with a special focus on addressing the needs of inner-city youth.

Lisa continues to be involved in various endeavors that promote the arts and education in California, the Southwest, and internationally. Her recent projects include collaborating with Bob Alcivar on a new CD, a second edition and audio version of her book Bahá’í: The New Vision, and preliminary work on a new book.

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Bob Alcivar
Bob is a Grammy and Golden Globe nominated producer, arranger and film composer. Among his many well known arrangements is "Aquarius/ Let The Sun Shine In" (gold, #2 Pop for two weeks, Billboard Pop Albums, summer 1969), recorded by The Fifth Dimension, now platinum bases on continuing sales. His composition "Carry On," from the feature film "Butterflies Are Free" staring Goldie Hawn & Edward Albert, was nominated as Best Song from a motion picture. Bob teamed with Lisa Janti in 1996 to form A/J Productions and, together, they began an ongoing series of recordings with spoken word interpretations by Lisa, and New Age music underscore composed by Bob. As a Baha'i, Bob considers this project as one of the most spiritual and fulfilling experiences in his musical career.

Sam Most
Sam has been called the premiere flutist in Jazz. Sam has performed throughout the world and is recognized as one of the real continuing fountainheads of modern Jazz. He is one of the most consistently absorbing and creative of current masters of the flute, and not least of all, a composer of uncommon merit and originality. Jazz critic Leonard Feather wrote, "Justice should demand that the history books document Most's role as the first truly creative Jazz flutist."

Sando Berger
Sando painted "Universo" and "Gate to the Immortal Realm," used as cover pieces on the CDs "The Seven Valleys" and "The Hidden Words," while he was a resident of Los Angeles in the 1960s. During this period, he was profoundly influenced by the work of the internationally acclaimed Bahá'í artist, Mark Tobey. Sando wrote of his work: "Painting is not a rational result of reality but, rather, and irrational element of it; of mental processes, of dreams, fantasies, and the quest for beauty." Sando passed away in Mexico, where he lived and taught art history and the plastic arts at Federal University in Puebla for the last  twenty-five years of his life.

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